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Welcome Beauties

The experience starts when you submit an appointment request below.  After you submit your request, I'll double check that the date, time, and service makes the most sense for your hair needs. You will receive a welcome email with online booking link to book your appointment and we will make it a date!

Upon arrival, you'll arrive and be greeted by Chris, your stylist! She will meet with you in the studio and walk you through a thorough consultation process. We will plan out, not just the first visit, but a longterm plan to ensure all of your goals are met.


If you're here for color, a formula will be custom created for you and recorded in our computerized database so that it's always ready and waiting at each visit. We have a wide range of amenities to keep you feeling completely comfortable as your color processes- as well as a processing bar equipped with outlets and chargers so you can work or relax as you see fit.


Your service will be completely customized to you based on your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals. Tips and tricks are always shared through your experience.

We'll wrap up your visit by sharing our recommendations for at home care so you know how to protect your investment and of course, the Instagram photoshoot. We will set up your next appointment before you go to ensure self-care is always on your calendar.

We've got Wi-Fi, sparkling water, delicious seasonal beverages, snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your color processes. You can even enjoy the outside sunshine (if weather permits) in our courtyard garden while you sip + snack​.

We can't wait to meet you love!

Appointment Request

Thanks for submitting!

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